3 Easy Recipes You Can Make Using An Electric Kettle

Professional travelers love electric kettle. It gives them the opportunity to save up on food cost. since you can prepare some delicious recipes without burning the holes in your pockets.

There are indeed lots of ways to use an electric kettle for recipes that you perhaps don’t know. You can cook your food rather comfortably, even if you are living away from your home. Allow us to reveal some easy recipes, which you can make using only a kettle.

3 Easy Recipes You Can Make Using An Electric Kettle

Are you ready to pull your socks up? Let’s begin…

Recipe #1 – Sweet Corn Pasta

We all love sweet corn pasta immensely. However, the best thing is we can make it a tad healthier and more delicious through an electric kettle.

Just apply butter on the sweet corn and cook it for a few minutes in the kettle. Next, once it becomes soft, add pasta with an appropriate quantity of water. After the boil, remove it from the kettle and serve it with some additional herbs like chili flakes and parsley.

It is an easy recipe which you can adjust according to your taste as well. I’ve indeed added boiled pieces of meat with some fries also to relish a heavy meal.

Recipe #2 – Boiled Eggs (Breakfast)

Want to prepare your break in just 10 minutes? Well, the boiled egg recipe can save your time and provide all the necessary protein. You can’t go wrong with it.

All you need is to fill the kettle with water and place eggs in it.

Though, make sure the water level is above the eggs, and the eggs aren’t in contact with the bottom heating element either. Otherwise, they won’t be boiled or deliver good taste.

After a few minutes, if you have an electric kettle, it will shut off automatically (after almost 12 minutes). Now, turn off the kettle and move the eggs into a bowl with cold water.

Your eggs are ready; enjoy them with orange juice.

Recipe #3 – Nutritious Soups

If you are a person with no money and a hungry tummy, you can enjoy nutritious and delicious soups within a few minutes in your kettle.

The recipe for nutritious soup is quite simple too. Just chop up the vegetables in small pieces, put them into the kettle, cover them with water, and boil them for a few minutes. You can use vegetables like broccoli, carrot, and potatoes.

You can use salt, pepper, and stock powder according to your taste.

In fact, some people love to give their soups a touch of full-cream milk to make it smooth. It helps them to enjoy soup with bread too.

Concluding Thoughts

These all are the easiest options to make and fill your tummy. If you have an electric kettle, it is always comfortable to cook your favorite dish within a few minutes. Read also 20 Easy, Inexpensive Recipes You Can Cook in Your Dorm

Besides, the best thing is electric kettles are handy and affordable; even a student can buy it comfortably.

So, buy an electric kettle now, if you want to cook food easily at home.

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