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Hey tea lovers! About me

My name is Mary, but my friends call me Maryary.

Welcome to my website!

On this site, i reviewed kettles of different brands, models, and sizes so that you can get the best.  I bring you professionally done reviews of kettles done by the foremost experts in the kitchen equipment business.

I believe in a perfectly brewed cup which is only possible using the best kettle.

To help you have the perfectly brewed cup, I bring you brewing tips, and the best tips to make your tea whether you like it milky or black and strong.

As a person who loves tea, I have gone through tens of tea recipes to give you a worldly experience.

I believe that What Kettle will be the go-to site for tea lovers. I review all popular brands in the market and the little-known brands as well. My mission is to help put the best kettles in front of tea lovers so that they can continue having a perfect tea experience.

I provide leads to the best brands in the kettle industry. I also act as affiliate for some brands but that does not influence my reviews.

I believe in the best, and will only lead you to the perfect kettle for the perfect cup of tea.