AppKettle: The Wifi-Controlled Smart Kettle You’ve Always Needed

The Internet of Things (IoT) just keeps getting better and better. Consumers can now connect all their electronic devices for easy and convenient use: air conditioners, televisions, lights, smartphones, washing machines, even tea kettles such as AppKettle: The Wifi-Controlled Smart Kettle

The IoT has many practical purposes including making tedious tasks take up less of your time. But convenience and saved time aren’t the only enticing benefits.

AppKettle: The Wifi-Controlled Smart Kettle

The Internet of Things can keep your schedule free of conflicts. At the same time, it can keep your house in low power mode until you’re expected home. Then the lights come on, the television tunes to your favorite channel, and the laundry fluffs.

This eventual “smart house” design isn’t available for everyone, but it’s getting close. Currently, you can use your phone to remotely activate products and access pieces of the IoT across your house.

And one of the ultimate displays of tech convenience is the smart kettle, which can do a lot more than simply turn on and off from a distance. Smart kettles like the Appkettle can remember specific preferences for all of your favorite drinks.

If you’re not on the smart kettle trend, it’s time to get with it! Read on to learn how the Appkettle can make you the perfect brew and so much more!

Tech Specs

Brushed stainless steel, chrome, and glass make this the sleekest kettle style on the market. And it doesn’t just look good, the material keeps the handle cool and the sturdy glass allows users to see straight through the kettle on both sides.

While you can monitor your Appkettle from your smartphone, you can also just check out the temperature on the LED screen. As sophisticated as this kettle is though, it only comes with five selecting buttons around the display.

The Appkettle holds 1.7 (57.5 oz) of fluid, enough for yourself and all your dinner party guests.

It comes with a typical temperature selector right on the device (60 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius), but the real fun comes when you access the kettle’s controls from your phone or with your voice. We’ll get to more of that later in the App section.


Appkettle’s connection to the cloud has more benefits than just remote controlling. It constantly monitors how much water is in the reservoir, and if there’s less than a cup (or 250ml), the Appkettle won’t turn on.

Its high-tech design is ingrained with algorithms that measure the weight and stabilize the device once the water has cooled down from boiling.

And you won’t ever have to worry about your water boiling over onto the base and the counter again. Whether the water is boiling or not, if the Appkettle detects a high level, it will disable the heat.

Energy Consumption

The Appkettle is a big energy-saver to boot. This intelligent kettle’s standby mode meets the new energy standard of Europe for small appliances (keeping energy consumption beneath 2W).

And the water doesn’t have to boil. Thanks to a decent range of temperature options, you can make that perfectly hot brew with less energy spent.

As soon as you hit the Appkettle’s “On” button–or tell it to turn on (more on that later)–you’ve got an accurate reading of the current water temperature. And that helps to determine how much heat you really need to use.

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Unbeatable Features

Your average smart-kettle can turn on remotely from your smartphone or shut off automatically when things get too hot. But the unbeatable features of the Appkettle go far and beyond your average “high-tech” kitchen utensil.

Voice-Enabled Control

Let’s go ahead and clear the air. This is just flat out cool. You know how Siri and other smart tech allow for voice commands and easier access to your applications? The Appkettle enters that realm of smart tech, practically making you a Jetson.

The voice activation requires a pairing with other smart tech systems (such as Alexa or Echo, more to come on that) in order to be heard. But if you’re an enthusiast aiming to unite all your products with the IoT, this is a must-have addition.

It’s cool, there’s no doubt. It’s sure to wow guests and family members (as it obviously impressed you), but you can use it in many practical situations.

For example, to get a brew ready while you’re in the shower, just shout out around the curtain. Maybe it’s cold out and the shower is intended to warm you up: a warm cup of tea or coffee, while you’re drying, will help.

Or try this scenario out: you’re in a cooking frenzy and for some reason, you skipped turning the coffee pot on before the guests arrived. But your hands are filthy, too much of a mess for your phone or kettle buttons.

The voice command comes in extremely handy in the modern home. There are dozens if not hundreds of other scenarios you can think of where you might not be in a position to use your hands in the kitchen. Why restrict yourself?

IFTTT – Connecting All Your Devices

How does this technology work?

IFTTT, or “If This Then That” is the platform that connects your smart devices in unique ways and gets them to communicate with each other.

IFTTT is a series of commands that work together to bring about a result between your tech devices. It works when you create these commands, or “recipes” as they are called on the platform.

Users follow easy instructions to make scripts that trigger one device to trigger another to begin to perform. IFTTT is free and currently offers scripts for dozens of programs, including social network and audio systems.

Think of it in this example: you already have your house lights set up to the IFTTT, and they know exactly when to come on. That could be at a specific time of day or when someone walks into a certain part of the house.

The kettle can be synchronized with a command (or recipe) to also turn on when a certain section of lights come on.

What about on those cold winter nights when the winds get through all the cracks around the house? The kettle can pick up on the temperature in the house and can set to brew once it reaches a certain degree.

As far-fetched as this sounds, some reviewers have even acknowledged that you can set it to brew when you get tagged in a Facebook photo.

Working With Alexa (Or Other Voice-Activated Devices)

If Alexa or another voice-activated device is within earshot, then you’ve got all the commands of your Appkettle available to you. We’ve mentioned above how this can come in handy around the house, in numerous situations.

And it all works together when you sign up for IFTTT, connecting your smart devices over wifi. The accompanying manual gives instructions on how to connect your devices, but YouTube video instructions will do just as well if not better.

After an easy setup, you’ve added your kettle to the list of smart devices you can command with just your voice. When you want that hot water for tea, coffee, soup or Ramen, all you need to do is ask Alexa to fix it up for you!

Baby Bottle Mode

Yeah, you can use your Appkettle to make a lot more than a cup of tea, but did you think it could help you out with baby bottles, too?

The app (which we’ll touch on next) comes with a menu selection or “Features” window with many preset functions. Selecting “Baby Bottle” mode will heat the water to 100 degrees before cooling to a safe drinking temperature in its cycle.

In the Baby Bottle function, you start by selecting the baby’s feeding time. After, you can select the size of the bottle as well as the number of bottles you plan to make.

The Appkettle app allows the user to select recurring days (if any) so that the machine can do all the busy work without you having to lift a finger. And if that’s not the definition of convenience, I don’t know what is.

The Appkettle App

The downloadable app for smartphones is your gateway to the smart kettle’s distinct features that you can’t get with any other product.

Auto Scheduling

Like we mentioned before with the baby bottles, if you’re a creature of habit, you can make your kettle adapt to your schedule. If you’ve got a need for coffee at six a.m., a bottle at seven a.m., and then a tea at noon, you’re covered.

Create complex systems or schedules in the app and watch as it remembers your rules and applies them seamlessly.


Say you’ve made the perfect brew. You finally cracked the code and figured out your new go-to temperature. The Appkettle can remember specific details and brewing instructions for everyone.

Create a kettle command and set it as a favorite for quick and convenient selection right in the app.

Any Cons?

Yep, but just a few cons as with any new tech product. But updates have already been made to the system and the updateable software should keep getting better and better over time.

The price doesn’t seem to sit well with those who aren’t coffee or tea enthusiasts. The kettle is quite high priced, and though to some it may seem steep, for the regular, daily drinker, it’s worth it for the unique features.

Though this is minor, it should be noted: on the lid at the top, just outside the boundary of the lifting knob, the material can get extremely hot.

This isn’t a major issue unless you try to fill the pot up too close to the time the last cycle finished. However, if you create a habit of only refilling the pot when it’s cool, you shouldn’t have a problem.

While there are some kinks with Amazon Echo, the integration software is constantly being updated. Kinks and bugs should be expected in a product this new, but updates should resolve that.

No product is perfect. What we do get with this kettle is a lot of diverse functionality and cool, modern perks.

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Why Should You Invest in a Smart Kettle?

Yeah, of course, you can get coffee hot by flipping a switch. You can even set some regular models to brew coffee on a timer the night before. But if you’re serious about a continually perfect brew, hear us out.

The wifi perks are a lot more than a flashy modern tech parade, we swear! The Appkettle will make coffee and tea-drinkers’ lives a lot easier. All you have to do is fill it, almost everything else can be done via voice or remote.

The app that goes along with the kettle is easy to use and provides a ton of benefit; almost like a personal scheduler.

Wake up in the morning and either shout out or press a button on your phone to make your unique brew. Think of it like the most appreciated snooze button (but don’t rely on it to wake you up until after you’ve had your caffeine).

Catalogue your unique settings and never have to worry about mashing confusing button sequences. Activate the device from work and have a hot brew waiting for you when you walk through the door.

To Invest or Not to Invest?

Not everyone enjoys the same benefits that a smart kettle can provide. But if you’re trying to steer in the direction of a smart house, something sci-fi writers would be proud of, then this is a must-have.

Connecting your technology together and being able to command it from your phone or with your voice provides a Tony Stark feel. And that seems to be what a lot of people want these days.

We will say, though, even if you don’t have all the other flashy tech or even a voice-command device, the Appkettle can provide a lot of benefits.

Have you used this product before? Let us know about it in the comments below! And don’t forget to browse our blog for more tips on choosing the best kettle!

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