Chantal Classic Tea Kettle Review

If you love tea and know all about the different tea kettles currently in the market, then you certainly know Chantal.

Chantal is well known for its beautifully designed stovetop kettles and it has consolidated its reputation as the producer of the best stovetop kettles.

The Chantal Classic Tea Kettle is no different from all the other previously released models. Made of an easy to clean, high-quality stainless steel interior and a copper plating exterior that is simply beautiful to look at.

It has such a unique appearance that it can serve as a kitchen icon that will remain a home favorite for many years to come.

Features, pros and cons of the Chantal classic tea kettle

One of the most distinctive features of the kettle is the exclusive two-tone harmonica whistle. Unlike other whistling tea kettles out there that just blow their whistles when they are done, this copper kettle sings to notify you that the water is boiled.

The smooth flat base also serves a purpose; it creates maximum contact that allows rapid boiling.

The aluminum core sandwiched in its large bottom ensures great heat conduction for faster heating.

The rubber gasket maintains the heat during boiling and ensures that your water stays hot long after the process is complete.

Unlike other copper kettles, you do not have to remove any lacquer, which implies that you can start using it as soon as you purchase it.

The Chantal kettle has a simple short spout. Although the spout does not affect the performance of the kettle, it does make it a little difficult to pour because you do not have as much control.

The simple spout may not be optimal for water flow control, but it comes in handy when you refill.


  • The kettle has an elegant high-quality stainless steel body that is easy to clean
  • It comes with a rubber gasket lid that ensures a tight seal when boiling your water.
  • The Two-note Harmonica whistle is not too loud but it sings to let you know that the process is complete.
  • It is completely dishwasher safe.
  • It is compatible with all stovetops including magnetic induction stoves.
  • The stainless steel exterior ensures good heat conduction so that water can boil quickly and efficiently.
  • The Chantal kettle has a large opening that makes it less stressful to clean and handle.
  • Ideal for use by a single user.


  • The metal handle and parts can be difficult to handle and use as they can get really hot.
  • It costs more than other models in the market.
  • It’s a little heavy to move from place to place. The kettle weighs 3 lbs.

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Why you should consider the Chantal Kettle when you want to buy a kettle that whistle?

The Chantal whistling tea kettle’s stainless steel interior, as well as the copper plating exterior, is easy to clean and is more attractive than let’s say an aluminum exterior would be.

If you are the primary tea or coffee drinker in the household, then this tea kettle would be best for you. At a Functional capacity of 1.8 quarts, the Chantal tea kettle can make small batches of water to brew a beverage.

Alternatively, the water can also be used for other cooking tasks such as preparing a small serving of rice.

While the whistle of any tea kettle does not affect the quality of your tea, it definitely matters when the whistling is too loud or irritating.

Thankfully, the Chantal whistling tea kettle has a fun, multi-tone whistle that almost seems to sing to you once the water is done boiling.

Although this can be a feature to be overlooked, it is significant if you live with other people and you do not want to wake them up whenever you’re brewing a cup of tea.

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