Epica 6 Temperature Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

The Epica 6 temperature variable stainless steel cordless electric kettle is a must have for any contemporary tea or coffee lover.  An electric water kettle is a staple commodity for any modern kitchen.

However, if you are an enthusiastic and keen drinker of different varieties of tea and coffee, the average water kettle or whistling stovetop kettle just won’t do because they do not perform similarly.

As you may already know, different brands and varieties of coffee or tea require water that has been boiled at different temperatures so as to bring out the most intense flavors possible.

Although the average electric kettle will still allow you to boil water, it will not give you the freedom to customize the temperature of your preferred drink, which is where temperature variable electric kettles such as the Epica electric tea kettle with temperature control step in to help.

The Epica electric tea kettle with temperature control is an extremely stylish and premium electric kettle currently in the market.

The kettle has numerous safety features such as the auto shut off feature that prevents over boiling and it also has a super sleek and modern design that makes it appear high end and expensive even though is extremely affordable.

For a kettle that has such an impressive performance, the Epica electric kettle is one of the best temperature variable kettles for its price. It is simple for just about anyone to use and it can be used for a wide array of purposes from boiling water for instant coffee to preparing water for making instant soup.

Important features of Epica 6 Temperature Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

The Epica electric tea kettle with temperature control has the ability to hold up to 1.65 liters of 1.75 quarts and can bring the kettle to a full boil in just about three minutes, thanks to his 1500 wattage. Although the minimum amount of water that you can boil equals three cups, this capacity is more than the average amount for most electric kettles in the market today.
The kettle has a concealed heating element and a convenient indicator light that allows you to point out easily when the kettle is in use.
The kettle comes with a locking lid that ensures a tight seal.
Has an auto shut off feature that signifies when the kettle has completed the process of boiling.
The Epica electric kettle has a water level gauge that tells you the quantity of water in the kettle.
The corded base allows the kettle to lift off for refills and pouring.
The length of the cord is adjustable and the cord can also be stored inside the base. The cord is also long enough at 37 inches.


  • The Epica kettle is simple and has no headache buttons as well as controllable features.
  • The kettle can be acquired at a very affordable price tag.
  • It has a stylish angled design that makes it a great addition to any modern kitchen.
  • The boil dry protection prevents the kettle from getting damaged with continued use.
  • The kettle is very fast and efficient.

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  • The lid does not open fully.
  • The Epical kettle is only ideal for a small family as it only produces about 3 cups of water.
  • The lid is lined with plastic in the interior.
  • While the kettle does have a gauge that indicates the water level, it can be difficult to read and you might have to lift the lid to take a peek inside.
  • Capacity

Is this the kettle I’m looking for?

Reviews across a broad range of websites claim that the Epica electric tea kettle with temperature control is one of the best stainless steel temperature variable kettles for its price with a heavy construction which helps to ensure that it is sturdy and durable.

Since it has been constructed with stainless steel, the Epica kettle does not rust or dent easily. The angled design of construction ensures that the water can be poured comfortable without overly tilting the kettle, which often leads to spills.


Temperature variable kettles tend to cost more than traditional kettles because of the variable temperature feature. As such, when spending money on any variable temperature kettle, you want to make sure that it is as accurate as possible.

Fortunately, the Epica electric kettle can maintain your set temperature without a lot of fluctuation, so that you can enjoy the best flavors of tea or coffee.

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