RAYA Electric Glass Samovar Tea Maker – Review

Are you a person that likes to invite friends over for a cup of tea? Then, this is the time to impress them preparing the tea in a traditional oriental style with the RAYA Electric Glass Samovar Tea Maker

As a short description, a samovar is a container that can have many shapes such as a cylinder or a sphere and is used to boil water for tea and other beverages. Traditional samovars are heated with charcoal, but the newer ones use electricity. Read more about the traditional samovar.

The Raya samovar is a 2in1 kettle and teapot. The teapot stays on the top of the kettle as a lid and is kept warm by the steam of the boiling water from the kettle beneath.

Because it is also a kettle, this samovar is suitable not only for tea and coffee but for any other beverages and meals that require hot water.

Let’s take a look at the features of this amazing electric samovar tea kettle

The most important feature is the material that comes in contact with the water; stainless steel and glass, which makes it completely BPA free. The top black ring may come in contact with the steam when the water is boiling but is made from a BPA free plastic material.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is easy thanks to the stainless steel infuser from the teapot that has a 1-liter capacity, while the kettle body can boil up to 4 liters of water at once.

With this large capacity feature, you can easily use this samovar at a dinner party as a self-service tea station, where the keep warm function will provide you with warm water for a long time.

Not to mention that it is also a good discussion piece.

Once the water has reached the boiling point, you will hear a signal sound and the orange light that is on during the boiling process will switch off and the blue light will remain on to let you know that the kettle is in stay warm function. When the water temperature drops under 80 degrees, it will boil once again.

It’s worth mentioning the aesthetic features too. With a combination of tradition, modern style, and simplicity, it fits perfectly into a modern kitchen.


    • Large capacity; up to 5 liter
    • Large heat protection grip on both teapot and glass kettle sides
    • Auto shut off
    • Keep warm/Reboil function
    • Equipped with a stainless steel tea infuser
    • Sleek design that fits any modern kitchen
    • Easy to clean
    • Very easy to use; just plug it in, add the water and tea leaves, and the samovar will do the rest automatically.

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I didn’t find any other kind of flows for this kettle/teapot samovar. In case over time it may occur some problems, but only because of bad handling.

Final conclusion. Does it worth having this samovar as a kettle?

Just taking a look at pros and cons, you can see that is a good product to buy. With all the cool features you have here its one of the best samovars on the market.

But if you are more for beverages that require a specific temperature of the water, such as the oolong tea, then the lack of temperature control it may be a downside, in which the Raya samovar is not for you. You must look for an electric kettle that offers this feature.

All being said, it has a nice look, is BPA free, large capacity and cool feature, it can be a great gift, good for  a small party at home, even better at office, and a good choice if you own business such as a small shop to offer a free cup of tea to your customers ( there is a bigger chance to increase sales).

So, yes! It worth to buy this samovar!

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