Review of Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle – Designed in Austria – American Guarantee

When it comes to tea kettles, it is pertinent to keep the pride of your kitchen in your mind. You need something which is the best, not only in performance but also in design.

Today, we are going to review Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle.

It offers the same benefits that come with modern kettles. Therefore, it is quite popular in the industry, and it is the best-selling product in the market too.

According to Amazon, there is indeed a surge in the number of people that prefer this kettle, as according to them it has limitless options with versatility, which is hard to find in other products.

Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle – Key Features

The most exclusive feature of Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle is it is designed in Austria. And, it is quite clear through its appearance. It appears that the most innovative mind of Austria worked on this kettle to make it look appealing and novel.

Unlike many other electric kettles, this model is equipped with bright LED. You won’t find this feature in other models. For that reason, with Mueller Ultra, you will have the opportunity to see if the kettle is heating.

Furthermore, it is also made with the finest quality Borosilicate Glass. This glass resists all kind of scratching and scuffing.

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This product has the maximum capacity of 1.8L. However, if you want it to work for a long-term, the recommended capacity is 1.6L. It is still a lot more than other electric kettles.

For family of all sizes, it is perfect and fulfills the need with efficacy.

Though it is designed by Austrian manufacturers, it has American guarantee, which is perhaps the biggest pro of this product.

If you find any kind of flaw in it, there is a 2-year warranty.

So, boil with confidence. In reality, it will work as a lifelong partner.

Mueller Austria manufacturers have also introduced maximum safety feature in order to keep their product secure

For example, there is heat resistant anti-slip grip handle. You won’t deal with any burns even if the water is boiling inside this kettle. Plus, the anti-slip grip is also quite supportive. It doesn’t let it slip out of your hands.

There lots of small other features as well that compel you to opt for it immediately, such as ‘automatic shutoff mechanism’. You don’t have to worry about boiling water, as this system activates within 30 seconds and turns off this kettle automatically.

Is there any con?

If you are pondering this question, other than is made in China, the answer is no. There isn’t any kind of con.

However, it is pertinent to mention one thing here that it doesn’t have any kind of alarm once the water boils. Instead, there is a blue glow from LED, when it is on.

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Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to longevity, modern features, and attractiveness, the Mueller Ultra Cordless Electric Kettle challenges it competitors.

It is a red-hot electric kettle in the market and it is low in cost too compared to other electric kettles. Plus, it is sturdy, without being too heavy.

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