Review of the Bella Ceramic Tea Kettle

The Bella ceramic tea kettle 14522 is the perfect appliance for heating water to use for all your seasonal tea and coffee beverages.

With its elegant pattern and appearance, the design of this kettle can complement any modern kitchen. It is designed with a gripped handle that enables you to serve your beverages efficiently.

The Bella ceramic kettle is also embedded with a handy indicator that lights up to notify you when the kettle is on and off.

Some of the functional features of the Bella Ceramic Tea Kettle  include:

– 1200 watt element for heating that makes its boiling speed incredibly fast.
– boil dry safety feature and auto shut off that ensures it goes off whenever the boiling point is reached.
– the capacity to boil water for all your beverages with a single flip of a switch.
– long gooseneck design that makes it more appropriate for a controlled pour which is essential for French pressed teas and coffees.
– detachable base that allows you to transport the kettle from one place to another.


  • It is very easy for you to set your desired temperature on the kettle.
  • It heats up faster than some of the models in the market; it only takes about a minute or less to heat up.
  • Is durable and fairly priced.
  • The Bella kettle has the capacity to produce 1.2 liters of boiled water in just a few minutes, making it the ultimate kettle for people that lead busy lives.


  • This ceramic kettle might need some storage space in the cupboard to keep it safe from breakage.
  • Some users have reported that it is a little heavy.
  • In order to give the Bella electric kettle a tight seal, there is a bit of plastic included in the inside part of the lid so the kettle is not 100% plastic free.

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The Bella ceramic electric tea kettle is worth the purchase owing to its array of safety features and specifications, which assures you protection from any fire hazards. Although it takes up space in the cupboard, it is designed with durability in mind, meaning that it can serve you well for some years to come.

Aside from boiling water, the Bella kettle can also be used for an array of uses including making great hard and soft boiled eggs.

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