Review of the Dualit Jug Kettle

When it comes to high-quality kitchenware, it doesn’t get any better than the Dualit jug kettle. There aren’t many brands out there that hold as much cache as Dualit, which is great for a consumer looking for versatility and fresh designs.

With 9 color choices, the Duality cordless jug kettle leaves plenty of choices for the picky user.

The Dualit kettle is also famed for its excellent performance as it has the capability to boil water up to 40 seconds faster than other models in the market.

The classic stainless steel kettle also has non-slip grips to ensure that it remains firmly in place while in use. This non-slip feature is instrumental in ensuring that your safety is maintained throughout.

Important features to note in the Dualit jug kettle

  1. 1.5 liter capacity that is ideal for a large household.Dualit jug kettle
  2. Made out of stainless steel which is both durable, easy to maintain and high quality.
  3. The jug kettle also has a cordless operation with a swivel base that can rotate up to 360°.  The capability also means that the jug kettle can be placed on the base at any rotary angle you want.
  4. A concealed element that also comes with a boil dry feature.
  5. The heating element makes sure that your water boils quickly.
  6. Designed with an ergonomic handle that is heat resistant and easy to grip.
  7. The cordless base is embedded with non-slip rubber feet to prevent slipping.
  8. The kettle comes with an essential cord storage.


  • The Duality kettle has a high-quality stainless steel body that does not dent, scratch or damage easily.
  • The limescale filter can be removed easily for washing and it can also be replaced just as easily.
  • Unlike other models in the market, the Duality boasts of a repairable component which implies that it can last for a long time with new elements being replaced. The repairable element allows one to repair the kettle should it fail rather than discarding the kettle as people often do with other models.

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  • Does not have a water temperature of keep warm functional function which are both features available in most other models in the market.
  • Does not have an open button. You need a second hand to open the lid if you are handling the kettle with the other.

Final thoughts

As you would expect from a reliable company such as Dualit, the jug kettle has been well designed with an old fashion style blended with a lot of stainless steel.

The classic and elegant design means that the Dualit cordless jug kettle can fit effortlessly in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Able to boil large amounts of water, up to 12cups of boiled water at any one time, which is ideal for large household families. The kettle has a non-drip spout, as well as heat resistant handles that enable you to get rid of spillages and accidents easily.

When living in a busy kitchen, this capability can sometimes be priceless. The design of the kettle is also a factor to consider when making a purchase; this Dualit kettle has a simple design that almost looks smart, even though it is not.

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