Royal Fast Boiling Glass Tea Kettle

Made from premium quality glass, and stainless steel finishes, Royal fast boiling glass tea kettle acts both as a tea kettle, teapot, and hot water dispenser.

The 1.7-litre kettle is a Royal Brand equipped with indicator technology with bright LED lights that let you know when it is heating.

It is cordless which allows for hassle-free pouring as well as a 360-degree rotational glass body which aids in precise content measurements.

Built with anti-slip grip, it allows for maximum safety and you do not have to worry about slipping from your hands.

Product features

  • Auto shut-off- The kettle automatically shuts off once the liquid reaches its maximum boiling point. Controlled by an inbuilt thermostat, this feature allows for non-supervised boiling and energy saving.
  • LED lighting- the kettle has adaptive LED lighting, which shows a light while the liquid boils a different light after the liquid has boiled.
  • Glass body- the mid-section of the kettle is made of glass, which provides a viewing window through which you can monitor the volume of the liquid.
  • Metal filter- the kettle has a metallic filter near the spout that aids in sieving of any solid particles in the liquid.


  • Attractive- the blend of glass and stainless steel give the kettle an attractive look which appeals to many customers. Aside from that, the different shades of LED light add to the aesthetic value of the kettle.
  • Easy cleaning- as it is made of glass and stainless steel, cleaning is easy after use without the need for a steam tube.
  • Safety- the finishing accents are built for easy grip minimizing slipping and thus preventing any form of accidents. The fact that it is cordless also minimizes the risk of electric shock.
  • Convenience- unlike fixed port kettles, it has a 360-degree rotational body which makes it convenient to measure contents from whichever sides. The glass body allows for easy visibility even from further distances.
  • Durability- it is made of Taiwanese glass and stainless steel making it less vulnerable to scratches and rust. Stainless steel allows for longer life without wear and tear from corrosion.

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The underside of the kettle’s lid is made of plastic which feels like a cheap knock-off of the glass and stainless steel body. If you put more liquid above the filter the resultant effect after boiling may leave the liquid tasting like plastic.

The kettle gets very hot when the water boil, so you need to be careful with kids, as may want to touch the blue bubbles.


The Royal fast boiling glass electric kettle is a quality kettle with an aesthetic yet functional build. Its features are refined to allow for modern-day convenience.

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