The Best Electric Tea Kettle

As we all know, coffee and tea have become a way of life since the dawn of the New Age. But people nowadays are often looking for the best electric tea kettle to boil their water so that it would be easier for them to brew a cup of coffee or tea before they go to work in the morning.

Let’s face it, people who do not get a dose of caffeine in the morning become irritable and moody throughout the day, which is why for some coffee is very important.

If you are a tea addict, you will also know how this feels like.

For tea drinkers, their most crucial time of the day is before they go to bed because this somehow makes them go to sleep soundly at night.

Also, it is always very important that they get the temperature of their water just right, if not it can result to bad tasting tea.

As you can see, all people need tea and coffee to help them cope with the everyday struggles of human existence, and looking for a device that can help them boil water efficiently without the use of a stove will be a big help for them in the morning, since they won’t have to wake up so early just to boil water.

 If you are looking for something that can help you with this struggle, then you should definitely try the best electric tea kettle

This sleek teakettle will help you get the temperature of your water to the right warmth for your morning coffee and evening tea. Now there will be no hassle of heating water on the stove.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Ivation Precision-Temperature Electric Hot Water Tea Kettle

In order for you to find out more about this amazing device, you have to, of course, find out about what it has to offer and how it does what it does. Let’s take a deeper look into the product features, shall we?

Here are the product features of this wonderful teakettle:

1. It has 6 temperature settings – like most electric kettles out there in the market today, they all have temperature settings, but not all have 6. This amazing teakettle has 6 temperature settings, designed to boil your water for any beverage you want, maybe even food.

It has temperatures ranging from 160° to 212° these temperatures are perfect for beverages like green tea, French press coffee, white tea, oolong tea, and even some types of food like oatmeal, noodles and etc.

2. Comes with a dripless pour spout and splash guard – if you are a clumsy person, then you will know the struggle of having to clean your kitchen counter all the time because you always end up spilling something on the floor or the tables in your home.

With this kettle, you do not have to worry about that anymore, because it has a dripless pour spout and a splashguard that will help keep your tables and countertops free of any spills and accidental scalding.

3. Fast heating – this kettle is made with a high voltage heating capacity of up to 1500W, which will make boiling faster. It can heat up to 1.7 liters of water to a boiling point in just a few minutes, and definitely, must faster than a stove or a microwave. The kettle is also very efficient so that you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

4. Removable filter scale and a heating element – the best thing about this kettle, is the fact that the heating element can be found at the very bottom, but it is enclosed and protected from any kind of dust or spills. The filter scale can be removable and is made to help descale build up that can sometimes be accumulated on the inside of the kettle.

5. It has a memory function – this means that you can take out the kettle from the base for about 90 seconds and when you put it back, it will automatically resume the boiling where you left it. It will also reactivate the original temperature it was in before you took it off the base.

6. It has a water level window – when boiling water, it will be easy for you to see the status of your water because it has a water level window. This will make it easy for you to spot the progress of your water if it is boiling or not.


  • Heat resistant handle.
  • It has 6 temperature control features.
  • Has a water level window.
  • Has a memory function.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to bring around.
  • Removable filters.
  • Cordless, which will make it easy for you to bring around.
  • It has a dripless pour spout and a splashguard.
  • Has a lid release button on the handle.
  • Has a keep warm mode.


• Can be at risk of rust.


The  Ivation kettle can be closely compared to the Epica Variable Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle. They are very alike in every way; the only difference would be the fact that the Ivation Precision-Temp Electric Hot Water Kettle has more features compared to the other one.


All in all, if you want a teakettle that can deliver results quickly and resourcefully, then you have definitely got to try the Ivation Precision-Temp Electric Hot Water Kettle.

Like most teakettles out there, not all will be equipped with temperature controls, and it means that you can adjust to all the preset temperatures I want.

It is highly recommended that you buy this piece of equipment because I will help you get the results you need to get the perfect water for your beverages.

You will not regret buying it because it can also help you make perfect coffee and tea without the use of a traditional stove.

If you are looking for all these qualities in a teakettle, then you won’t mind spending a few extra cash on this, because it is absolutely worth buying.

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