The Breville btm800xl One Touch Tea Maker Review

The Breville btm800XL one touch tea maker is not your average tea maker. With this tea maker, you can stray beyond your average black tea leaves with this electric kettle that has been designed to brew tea.

It can brew any type of tea including oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, white tea, green tea, and even black tea.

Features that you should look out for the Breville btm800XL one touch tea maker

The Breville one touch goes the extra mile; it doesn’t just brew tea for you, it also steeps it, which eliminates the need of having to wait for long so that your leaves can infuse.

The innovatively created and designed tea basket in the interior lowers and rises during the brewing cycle to allow the best infusion of your teas to occur.

The Breville is fully programmable, although it can also be used to make common types of tea and hot water for coffee, instant soup or noodles.

The Breville one touch operates on 1500 watts of power and it comes with an easy to understand instruction manual that explains the features of the tea maker in great length.

The tea maker is also long lasting being constructed from quality German made glass.

Other features worth to remind are the automatic start button, LCD display, and stay warm features that can keep your tea or boiled water warm for as long as one hour.


  • Amazing features and the specifications included in the design.
  • The kettle is extremely user-friendly.
  • Temperature settings can be customized.
  • The Breville electric kettle remembers the user’s preferred program settings so as to ensure consistent performance and results.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The kettle comes with a tea type feature that allows you to select whether you are brewing custom, herbal, oolong, green, black or white tea.
  • The kettle also has a backlit LCD timer that makes it possible for you to set the correct brew time and temperature.

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  • The Breville does not have a replaceable carafe. Upon damage, it can be very hard to repair the kettle.
  • The tea basket inside has holes that are rather large for some strains of tea. Sometimes bits of leaves escape into the brewed tea.
  • The carafe may be a bit too heavy to handle with one hand when full.
  • Users are generally advised not to submerge the carafe in water.
  • Since this is a sophisticated and high-end piece of kitchen equipment, the price tag may be a bit too steep especially compared to some of the more affordable models in the market.
  • There are a few plastic components that touch the water. Although they are plastic, the components are also BPA free.

Does it worth the investment?

The Breville one touch tea maker is definitely full of features and it has been designed to improve the user experience. The one-touch tea maker has a digital display panel that has corresponding controls that help you adjust water, delays, auto start, steep time and much more. It features a three prong cable, a separate tool for scooping your tea and a one-year limited warranty.

The moving motion of the basket allows water to circulate easily around the tea leaves so that maximum infusion can take place. The teapot automatically lowers the basket once the tea maker reaches the correct temperature. You can set a timer so that you can also wake up to your favorite brew.

Like most products in the Breville line, this Breville one touch is not cheap, but it is absolutely worth the investment due to its impressive features and specifications which helps to ensure that the tea brewing process is fast, simple and efficient.

Some things you may want to be aware of:
  • Make sure that the power base does not come into contact with water to protect the electrical components of the kettle.
  • Ensure that the glass kettle has cooled completely before immersing in water to preserve the integrity of the glass.
  • The only components that should be cleaned in a dishwasher include the glass tea kettle lid, the tea basket, and the scoop.

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