The Presto Electric Tea Kettle 02703 – A Retro Style Kettle

The Presto Electric Tea Kettle 02703 is extremely well designed with its outstanding body shape and a handle that is firm.

The features to enjoy in this white Presto electric kettle include:

The capacity to boil water quickly; even faster than a microwave or stove top kettle.

It is equipped with a large stout that does not drip which makes the process of filling and pouring very easy.

The white kettle shuts itself off automatically when it detects that the kettle is dry.

The kettle is large enough to handle a small family as it measures 7 by 6-1/2 inches.


  • This electric kettle has a unique body shape that can fit into the décor of any modern kitchen. This aesthetic quality also means that the kettle can be displayed effortlessly on the table or counter.
  • This kettle is really lightweight and it can be transported very easily from place to place.
  • Although it does not shut itself off, the Presto white kettle produces a sharp whistle which notifies you when it has completed boiling.
  • Ease of use; all you have to do to use the kettle is simply plug it in, fill it with water and you will have a piping hot beverage in a matter of minutes.
  • The kettle can also be used for boiling soft and hard eggs, as well as for making water for proper meals like instant soup.


  • The kettle has a small capacity that can only handle uses for a single person. The kettle only has the capability to hold about a Quart of water.
  • The handle can be a bit difficult to use especially if you have large hands.
  • The kettle can only be filled through the narrow spout, which can make the process of refilling and pouring beverages a little difficult.
  • The white kettle does not have a water window or any calibrations to let you determine the water level or determining the status of the water.

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Final thoughts on Presto Electric Tea Kettle 02703

The Presto 02703 definitely redefines the no frills electric kettle with its unique design that helps to make it a great addition to the contemporary kitchen.

This kettle would suit young people because the Presto kettle was not merely designed to boil water, it was also designed to make your kitchen appear more desirable.

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