The Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle – Review

Are you looking for an electric kettle with innovative features? If you love homemade tea, this is the kettle for this cold season. The Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle KE5550RDR Retro Style is a wonderful addition to the kitchen even if you are not a tea fan.

With a volume of 1.7 liters, you are sure that making your guests a quick cup is not a hectic affair.

This versatile kettle will also help you make your coffee or soup quicker by preparing your water to the temperature you need.

Built in the retro design for a timeless look, the stainless steel comes in highly contrasting chrome and red or black polish making the kettle stand out visually in the kitchen.

Features of the Russell Hobbs Electric Kettl

This kettle can keep 8 people perfectly happy sipping away at cups of tea or coffee. The large capacity of 1.7 liters means that you don’t have to make your beverage in turns, but rather in one go.

The temperature gauge is placed on the front of the kettle for easy reading and is marked in both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings for anyone not familiar with either reading. This is very useful if you are making specialty coffees which require specific temperature for water.

One disadvantage of the ordinary electric kettle is that boiling a little amount of water is not friendly. To overcome this, the Russell Hobbs Kettle has level markings that are visible from above, that guide you in pouring in 1-3 cups of water for a quick boil.

Don’t you hate it when you pour tea or coffee from a kettle and it drips all over the table? Not so with this kettle. The drip-free spout contains liquid to a single stream such that it all pours into the cup without dripping on the kettle’s sides.

The removable and washable filter keeps out the accumulated limescale from the liquid. To keep your kettle clean, check out my tips to remove limescale.

The swivel base allows quick transferring at any angle quickly and easily with a rubberized handle to protect against burning, while the boil/dry protection against prolonged boiling where the water goes over the lip or dry heating which happens when the kettle is switched on without liquid, it shuts off the kettle automatically.


  • Easy handling

With the highly flexible lift and serve base, this kettle makes for easy serving and moving about in the kitchen and dining room. It weighs only 2.6 pounds which is light when serving several people. The high clearance rubberized handle gives a good grip protecting against slipping when the kettle is heavy.

  • Versatility

This kettle can be used to make tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. It can also prepare water for instant soup, or be used to warm foods that do not require direct heat.

  • Ease of use

Level markings ensure that the precise amount of liquid is being prepared. The Celsius/Fahrenheit readings make it easy to use for both metric and imperial system users. The boiling/dry protection ensures that the kettle does not blow and pose a hazard in a busy kitchen where it might be forgotten.

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  • Bulky when full

When full to capacity with 1.7 liters of liquid, the kettle would weigh at around 6 pounds. This is a bit heavy for people with daintier hands.

  • Lack of heat and hold feature

Heat and hold allow a kettle to keep its contents at a specific programmable temperature. This kettle lacks this feature meaning the user has to keep switching it on and checking on the temperature gauge.

  • Not sure if the kettle is  BPA free as it levels markings are made of plastic.

Is Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle a good buy?

Certainly is! Its quality and elegant retro build add a sparkle to the kitchen.  In a typical household where heating needs are varied, this kettle is useful in preparing common foods and beverages quickly and easily.

There are no health hazards that would be posed by rusting.

This Kettle will be very helpful in keeping your guests happy for the upcoming holiday season. Also,  it can be a good choice for a present.

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